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March 25, 2020


  EMERGENCY APPOINTMENTS on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS Coliseum Dental- Midtown Manhattan We’ll see patients on a case to case emergency basis on Mondays and Fridays (to be determined by our dentists).  If you do require urgent care, please do not come in without first texting or emailing Coliseum Dental. Please text us at (212) 757 …

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June 6, 2018

Gum Depigmentation |, , , , , ,

Do you have a gummy smile or dark gum pigmentation? Laser Dentistry is a cutting-edge, non-invasive technology that makes your dental treatment much more comfortable and effective. With Laser Dentistry this can be resolved very gently and stress free in just one visit after a consultation CROWN LENGTHENING (LASER GINGIVECTOMY) A gummy smile can significantly …

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December 5, 2017

BOTOX® – It’s not just for wrinkles |, , ,

Beauty has a high standard in our society. While BOTOX®  is used extensively for just this purpose, there is much more to its use than than just diminishing lines and wrinkles in your face. BOTOX ® can be used to treat excessive perspiration and it also can be a great help as a chronic Migraine treatment …

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October 12, 2017

Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it |

Have Dental Insurance? Then this post is for you. As we approach the end of the year, we’d like  to share a tip that can help you take full advantage of any dental insurance benefits you may have. Did you know that each year insurance companies make millions of dollars off of patients who forego necessary …

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August 21, 2017


Dentistry has come a long way and proving comfort is our #1 priority. We provide sedation therapy here for all of our patients here that need extra TLC when it comes to their mouth. Sedation therapy is offered for all forms of treatment; the two types we offer are Nitrous Sedation and I.V. Sedation. Nitrous …

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May 4, 2017

Gingivitis |,

(Article from Dr. Berger reprinted from Image Magazine) Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums (gingivia), and is a mild form of periodontal disease that affects the health of the gum tissues. Gingivitis occurs when a white, thin, sticky film called plaque forms on the exterior surfaces of the teeth and around the gums. You …

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