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WaterLase Laser Dentistry is a cutting-edge technology to help make your dental treatments more comfortable and more effective than conventional treatment options.

WaterLase dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. It uses a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. WaterLase allows us to perform a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • No drill and no needle and little to no bleeding for most patients

  • Higher precision

  • Less anesthetic for most procedures and fewer pain medications/antibiotics

  • Faster post-extraction healing time and less trauma to teeth and gums.

  • Treating dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit.

  • Gum and root canal treatments become more effective

  • Can accelerate the treatment of periodontal disease

  • Making dental care a more relaxing experience for you.

  • Increased rate of curing/bleaching

One of the greatest advantages of using this technique is that many different treatments can be carried out using WaterLase. These include:

One component of oral health is the treatment of periodontal disease. We provide the most comprehensive, up to date approach in our periodontal therapy to obtain the very best possible success rates. We use a highly advanced soft-tissue diode laser to sterilize the infected areas and selectively remove infected tissue. Traditional periodontal therapies often requires cutting and stitching of the gums. Unfortunately, this results in the removal of both infected and healthy tissue. By using the laser, healthy tissue is left undisturbed and only the infected tissue is removed. With laser therapy, there is no scalpel, no bleeding, no stitches and no pain. The infection is removed from the gums and tissues of the mouth, leaving behind only healthy and stable gums and bone. This level of service is a testament to how deeply we care about the results we achieve for our patients. Benefits include:

  • 24 hour recovery time
  • Less time in dental chair
  • Only takes two 2-hour visits
  • Lowers risk of further health complications
  • No cutting, no stitches
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Reduced risk of post-op infection
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • 98% of patients remain stable after five years
  • No contraindications
  • Little-to-no gum recession
  • Regenerates Bone Tissue

A gummy smile can significantly compromise the symmetry and beauty of your smile. Crown lengthening is a safe method of correcting an uneven gum line and revealing more of each tooth for a bigger, brighter smile.

Fast treatment
Crown lengthening takes only one appointment, and requires a recovery time of just a few days to a couple of weeks.

Conservative treatment
Removing even very small amounts of tissue can achieve striking effects.

Minimal Risk
Laser gingivectomy reduces the already low risk of side effects, shortens recovery time, and eliminates the need for sutures.

Dark pigmentation around the gums is caused by melanin in the body. People with darker skin tones and of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or African decent are more prone to pigmentation of the gingiva. Dark gums can affect people of all races and ethnicities and now there is a way to get rid of those dark spots…. with laser technology at Coliseum Dental.

The use of a dental laser to remove the dark pigmentation on the gums is the easiest and least invasive way to go. The laser allows patients to receive the dark pigmentation removal treatment at the convenience of our dental office with minimal discomfort and great results.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus which lays dormant in the body. During times of stress or other triggering factors, the virus awakens and leads to cold sores on the lips and around the areas of the mouth. We know how painful and embarrassing cold sore outbreaks can be. We can treat your cold sores with our highly advanced laser. If you feel a cold sore coming on or already have an active cold sore, we can use the laser to sterilize the area and kill the virus before it erupts and turns into a full blown attack.

Laser cold sore treatment only takes about 5 minutes. It kills the virus and calms the pain and itching associated with the outbreak. In many cases, the cold sore will never even develop after it has been treated with the laser. So if you feel a cold sore coming on or have one that has already erupted, don’t wait any longer, call Coliseum Dental to get your laser treatment and get back to living your life without discomfort or embarrassment.


Biopsies can be painlessly performed with the laser. There is no cutting with a scalpel, no stitches, and no bleeding involved. Healing time is very fast and there is typically no scar formation, It is a truly amazing advancement.