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Ortho FX

Start the journey of a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime with OrthoFX Clear Aligners and Coliseum Dental.


Have you been thinking about straightening your teeth and/or closing your gaps?

Now is the perfect time to refresh your smile.


  • OrthoFX advanced aligner system is comfortable, clear, and convenient.
  • 40% less pressure on your teeth and wear just 1 week each aligner
  • For $3950 you will receive all doctor visits, aligners, retainers and a 3-year guarantee from start of treatment.
  • Payments as low as $84/mo (Third party financing and fees apply. Subject to application and approval)
  • Easy financing options and insurance.


You want more  reasons to smile.
We want to give them to you.

The all-in upfront price includes, well pretty much everything.

  • All Doctor visits
  • 3D teeth scan
  • Clinical records
  • Personalized clear aligners
  • Retainers
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Direct access to customer support
  • Insurance support hotline



Here is a short Video to show you how OrthoFX compares to other Clear Aligners:


About OrthoFX

OrthoFX brings a modern approach to straightening teeth that will revolutionize the Orthodontic industry. Founded by former Invisalign and Philips Sonicare execs, OrthoFX reimagines the end-to-end customer experience. From the beginning of the straightening journey, OrthoFX provides a simple, frictionless experience that is fun and motivating.

The OrthoFX journey is up front. 

  1. Create a profile on www.orthofx.com  (or let us create a profile for you here at Coliseum Dental) and make an appointment
    We were handpicked from OrthoFX to give the best experience to you
  2. After your appointment, get your first aligners mailed to you in just about a week.
  3. Thumbs up. Your Doctor now finalizes your treatment plan.
  4. We’ll ship over the rest of your aligners to your doctor in 5 days.
  5. Have some regular face-to-face time with your Doctor and pick up your new aligners each time.


Ding. Your new smile is ready. Pick up your new retainers.

Did we mention, you get a 3-year guarantee?

Do you have more questions about OrthoFX?

We’ve got you covered. Either visit  www.orthofx.com or call orthoFX cutomer care at  415.936.0006

To make an appointment please call Coliseum Dental at 212.757.3183, or email us to get you set up.



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