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What Is Gum Bleaching?

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The first thing that springs to mind when people jump into the topic of what makes a beautiful and healthy smile is pearly white teeth. What’s often left out of the conversation are the gums. They are the unsung heroes of your mouth because a beautiful smile is impossible to achieve without them. You can accomplish beautiful smiles and gums with quality gum bleaching in Gramercy Park.   Gums that are discolored might affect the appearance of your smile and lower your self-esteem. If your gums make you hesitant to flash your smile, you should think about gum bleaching, otherwise known as gum whitening or gum depigmentation.   Gum bleaching diagram Gramercy park

All About Gum Bleaching

What Is It?

This procedure is called many names, such as gum whitening, gum lightening, dark gum treatment, and gum depigmentation. But, no matter what it’s called, the vital fact to remember is that this is a quick and comparatively painless one that’ll give you results worth every penny.   A soft tissue laser is used during the operation. When your gum tissue’s brown or black spots are exposed to the laser, they will disappear. Although many patients undergo this procedure to lighten their black gums, some still do so to have evenly pink gums across their mouths.  

Is Gum Bleaching Painful?

As stated earlier, gum lightening is comparatively painless. You won’t feel much pain throughout the non-invasive gum bleaching technique. Even though you may experience minor soreness, it’s only natural as your gums need to adjust. Soon after the surgery, you can experience transient gum sensitivity.  

What Should I Do if I Have Black Gums?

You may have black, bright red, or patchwork gums for various causes. Discoloration may be brought on by:  
  • A lack of care and poor dental hygiene – The best way to enhance oral health, lower the chance of illness, and avoid staining is to brush your teeth twice a day and floss afterward.  
  • Medication – Some medications are linked to gum discoloration. Patches of dark gum pigmentation can be targeted with gum bleaching or whitening, although discoloration may return if you keep taking the same medications after treatment. 
  • Lifestyle choices: Smoking and chewing tobacco are common factors that increase your risk of developing stained gums. 
  • Ethnicity: Some people are more prone than others to have darker or patchier gums because of their race.  

Is Gum Bleaching Safe?  

The gum bleaching procedure is non-invasive and safe. The black tissue on the surface of your mouth is softly removed using a microdermabrasion procedure or laser technology while you are sedated. Aside from the fact that it’s a safe procedure, another good thing about this treatment is that the outcome can be achieved on the same day.  

Are There Negative Effects?

Your gums will notice the effects of gum bleaching immediately, and there won’t be any adverse side effects. After the bleaching operation, you may experience temporary mild sensitivity but no severe pain or discomfort. Following gum whitening, patients can immediately eat and speak normally.  

How Long Does the Gum-Whitening Procedure Last?

It takes about 45 minutes to bleach your gums. However, depending on the local anesthetic, you may have to wait a little while before the treatment begins. Dark gums may usually be removed in less than an hour, though.   Woman smiling after gum bleaching procedure Gramercy park

How Long Do the Results of Gum Bleaching in Gramercy Park Last?  

The gum bleaching process takes less than an hour. However, the consequences of the operation linger quite a while, especially for situations brought on by external factors like smoking.    Although some gums will retain their beautiful pink shade for 20–25 years, the results are typically long-lasting. Indeed, this treatment allows you to enjoy your pink gums that appear healthy for the rest of your life. Please schedule an appointment with us to get this treatment.