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When Should I Get Veneers?

A beautiful African American woman shows off her teeth after getting cosmetic dentistry treatment in Times Square
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Have you ever been so insecure about how your teeth looked and made you think they lacked proper care? Visit your local trusted dentist if you are interested in knowing more about cosmetic dentistry in Times Square. 

Cosmetic dentists will ensure that your teeth will be as you always wanted them to be. This type of treatment is beneficial to many patients that are pretty insecure about their teeth. 

It is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving your appearance. Giving this procedure to those who need it will surely provide a heap of benefits to their confidence. 

A female patient needing cosmetic dentistry treatment in Times Square

What Are Veneers? 

Veneers are thin shells that are meant to cover the front of the teeth and be attached to the front of the teeth using dental cement. This cosmetic option is permanently bonded to the teeth and is permanent. Veneers can either be made of porcelain or resin

This permanent change is meant to correct the imperfections that you may have in your teeth that you want to change—weighing if you wish to get cosmetic dentistry or not is an important thing to discuss with a dentist. 

When Am I Allowed to Have Veneers? 

There aren’t many things to consider for veneers. Many imperfections can be corrected with them. Discolored, chipped, stained, decayed teeth are quite a common occurrence in all ages, and if you ever experience any of the listed conditions, then you can likely get veneers. 

Pros and Cons of Veneers 

Veneers have their pros and cons. You can decide for yourself if you want to get one or not based on the list of advantages and disadvantages below.  

Natural Tooth Appearance 

Veneers can help with the appearance of the teeth, especially with the years of discoloration that you can get from the food you eat and maybe smoking. This procedure will allow you to have that natural look and will not affect the surrounding teeth. 

Fix Minor Cosmetic Problems 

Common minor cosmetic problems are teeth discoloration, chips, misalignment, and teeth gaps. These can be fixed by the veneers and correct the imperfections that you may have experienced. This procedure can help in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 

Replace the Damaged Enamel 

The teeth can get damaged, especially the enamel, over time with use. Veneers can create another layer for the teeth and protect them while replacing the enamel.  

Permanent and Irreversible 

The procedure is permanent, and any other changes you want after the process cannot be done if it damages the veneers you just had done. However, veneers can be replaced when necessary. 

High Cost 

Veneers are costly depending on the number of teeth you want to restore and the dental clinic area. It is something that is known to be an expensive procedure because of the materials being used. Check to see if the dentist offers any type of financing option. 

Teeth Sensitivity 

A common problem after the procedure is some teeth sensitivity. This can be due to the enamel shaving that exposes your teeth and causes sensitivity to the hot and cold, but this should go away with time and care with the right products. 

A female patient sits in the dental chair before getting cosmetic dentistry treatment in Times Square

Looking for an Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry in Times Square? 

Now that you know when you should get veneers and if the veneers are really for you, you can visit an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Head over to Coliseum Dental for any questions and appointment bookings. We can cater to your needs and questions. Give us a call!