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Same-Day Crowns in Midtown Manhattan

All About Same-Day Crowns

What Is It?   

The main difference between conventional and same-day crowns is that you can get the latter needs in just one dentist appointment. Instead of making your crown in a dental laboratory, your dentist uses a dental machine to create the it while you wait.   

The initial stages of this procedure resemble those of conventional crowns. Your dentist will use a 3D scanner to create a digital impression of your teeth, after which they will create your crown using a computer. The machine will receive this data to make your personalized porcelain crown.   

Your dentist will glaze the new crown before placing it over your tooth to make it look like your natural teeth. Once you and the dental professional decide on the shape and shade, the prepared tooth can get the crown.   

Since you only need to schedule one visit to the dentist, same-day crowns are a time and money-saving choice.  

computerized image of same-day crowns in Murray Hill

What Advantages Do Same-Day Crowns Offer?

The primary benefit of same-day crowns is they’re quick to make, and this benefit eliminates the need for long wait times or further appointments (unless your crown has a problem). The process of getting these crowns is usually less painful, as it typically also implies fewer injections to numb and treat the area. 

Other advantages of same-day dental crowns include: 

  • Superior durability 
  • Environmental friendliness 
  • Lower price than conventional crowns. 

Finally, with their use of more accurate digital technology, same-day dental crowns give dentists more control over the outcome.  

What Are the Drawbacks?

Even though the benefits of same-day dental crowns exceed the drawbacks, potential issues could arise. These problems include the potential for tooth decay to reoccur, which can have been prevented with a conventional dental crown. Dental crowns placed on the same day may also not fit perfectly and take longer to custom-color.   

Another disadvantage is they are less resistant to wear and tear and less resilient than conventional dental crowns. They also do not last as long as traditional crowns. 

Despite these drawbacks, the advantages still make them a worth investment for people looking to enhance their smile and oral function in a single visit.   

How Are Same-Day Crowns Better than Traditional Ones?

Permanent Restoration

Same-day dental crowns used to be less durable than conventional crowns. Nonetheless, improvements in dental ceramics and computer-aided technology have increased their durability and resilience. Dental crowns currently last as long as conventional porcelain or metal crowns if you take proper care of them.

Prevent Dental Harm  

Same-day crowns also prevent oral problems and severe damage. Temporary crowns are prone to deterioration and cracks, which could compromise the gums and surrounding teeth.

Improve Comfort

Temporary crowns are made with traditional methods, producing tooth covers that rarely fit and might be painful. Dentists use more accurate and modern technology to design same-day crowns, which allows them to make personalized restoration components that fit comfortably.

Renew Dental Functionality Right Away

Your teeth are essential to preserve a beautiful appearance, eat, and talk, and having a severely damaged tooth has an impact on all these activities. Even worse, temporary crowns have restrictions, such as needing a special diet to keep them from breaking. On the other hand, same-day crowns immediately reinstate your looks and oral functions, avoiding the need for shaky interim crowns.

Book an Appointment to Get Your Same-Day Crowns in Midtown, Manhattan

This dental treatment is a fantastic choice if you want a durable, natural-looking crown but don’t want to wait weeks for one. Ask our dentist at Coliseum Dental about your options.