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Laser Dentistry vs. Traditional Dental Procedures: Which is Better?

Kid undergoing laser dentistry procedure in murray hill
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When it comes to dental procedures, many patients aren’t aware of the advances dentistry made in recent years. One such advancement is laser dentistry in Murray Hill, which has become an increasingly popular option for treating dental problems. However, some may still wonder whether laser dentistry is better than traditional methods and equipment. 

Before your next dentist appointment, read on to understand the different uses of laser and traditional dentistry. 

Dentist performing a laser dentistry procedure in murray hill

Advantages of Laser Dentistry 

Laser dentistry is a non-invasive method used to perform complex dental procedures. The laser dentists use emits a focused beam of light that can cut through or vaporize tissue with precision. This technique minimizes the need for traditional dental tools like scalpels or drills. Laser dentistry offers several advantages, including: 

Less Pain and Discomfort  

One of the main advantages of laser dentistry is that it can significantly reduce pain and discomfort during and after a procedure. Lasers replace drills and more aggressive dental tools, which generate more pressure and heat. As a result, the treated area isn’t as sensitive and swollen.  

Laser dentistry can also seal nerve endings, making for a comfortable and pain-free recovery period at home. 

Improved Precision 

Traditional dental procedures can damage neighboring teeth and gums while the dentist removes decayed or infected tissue. However, lasers can target specific areas without affecting other parts of your mouth. Therefore, laser dentistry is ideal for procedures that require precision, such as gum reshaping and cavity detection. 

Reduced Bleeding and Swelling 

Lasers can cauterize blood vessels as they cut, meaning the light immediately seals them to prevent unnecessary bleeding. Not only does this process promote faster healing and recovery, but it also reduces swelling and infection. 

Faster Healing Time 

Because laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional procedures, patients typically heal and return to their everyday lives in a few days. Laser dentistry also stimulates tissue regeneration, which also speeds up recovery. In some cases, patients may even be able to resume their normal activities immediately after a laser procedure. 

Advantages of Traditional Dental Procedures  

Established Track Record 

Traditional dental procedures have been used for decades and have a proven successful track record. Even though laser dentistry is perfectly safe, dentists are more familiar with conventional techniques. Patients also feel more at ease when undergoing a procedure with methods they know. 

Lower Cost  

Another advantage of traditional dental procedures is that they are often cheaper than laser dentistry. Laser equipment is more expensive to purchase and maintain, and not all insurance plans cover treatments performed with them. 

Widely Available and Accessible 

While laser dentistry is becoming more common, not all dental practices have the equipment or expertise necessary to perform laser procedures. In contrast, traditional dental procedures are more established and widely available. Therefore, patients can find more dentists trained and experienced in performing these procedures. This advantage is vital to patients living in more remote or underserved areas with limited access to specialized dental care.  

Examples of Procedures Suited for Laser Dentistry 

Gum Reshaping and Crown Lengthening 

Gum reshaping is a procedure during which a dental professional removes excess gum tissue to improve your smile’s appearance or address periodontal disease. During crown lengthening, a dentist gets rid of bone and gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s crown, typically to prepare your smile for a dental crown or bridge. 

A dental professional can use laser dentistry to reshape, remove, and cauterize this tissue with greater precision and less discomfort. 

Gum Bleaching 

Gum bleaching is a cosmetic procedure to lighten the shade of discolored gums and enhance your smile’s looks. With the beam of light that lasers emit, your dentist can remove excess pigmentation from the gums in a non-invasive and painless way. 

Cold Sore Treatment 

Cold sores are painful blisters that develop on or around the lips, and the herpes simplex virus causes them. A low-level laser can target the virus and stimulate the body’s natural healing process, reducing the pain and speeding up recovery. Laser treatment can also reduce the chances of blisters reappearing. 

Patient undergoing a laser dentistry procedure in murray hill

Looking for Laser Dentistry Procedures in Murray Hill? 

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