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How Is Gum Bleaching Done

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You’ve probably heard of teeth whitening and bleaching, but what about gum bleaching in Hells Kitchen? The color of our teeth is the first thing that comes to mind regarding our smile’s look. They can assist us in getting a dazzling white grin that increases our self-esteem. As a result, cosmetic whitening procedures have become extremely popular.  Our gums, on the other hand, are just as crucial. When you grin, they are visible. Gums in good shape are usually pink and even in color, but a few factors might change that. A gum depigmentation operation can restore its color. This can help you attain pink and healthy-looking gums to compliment your sparkling white teeth, giving you a smile to be proud of.  

Understanding Gum Bleaching  


What Is It?  

It is a cosmetic dental procedure that aids in the removal of gum patches and black spots. The natural skin pigment and melanin affect the appearance of your eyes, hair, and skin and is often the cause of these patches and fixes. Once the body gives more melanin, it will result in dark areas on your gums. Excess melanin is more common in certain ethnic groups, such as those of African or Middle Eastern heritage. Extra melanin in the gums, on the other hand, isn’t a symptom of poor oral health or disease. It might be the reason for your black gums if they have always been that way.  


How Does It Work?  


A whitening solution combined with a microdermabrasion procedure or a laser can be used to lighten or whiten your gums, and it usually takes less than an hour. The dentist uses a polishing cup to buff the gum tissues and remove any remaining melanin-containing cells after the whitening gel has begun to lessen the gingival color.  

The coral gingiva (junctional epithelial cells) underneath is exposed by both procedures, which remove the pigmented tissue cell’s surface layer carefully and gently. The process is risk-free and provides you with immediate results on the same day. Your mouth will be numb during the procedure to avoid discomfort. 


In What Ways Does Gum Bleaching Work?


Using modern laser technology, gum bleaching is a precise procedure. A laser will be used to remove discolored spots from your gums. It will remove the extra melanin, resulting in a more appealing and consistent appearance. Such technology is accurate enough not to harm healthy-looking gums since it only targets areas of excess melanin.  


Is it Safe to Bleach Your Gums?  


Bleaching your teeth is a non-invasive technique. There will be slight discomfort and a short recovery period. However, you’ll be able to resume your normal activities without difficulty after the operation.  

You may suffer some discomfort if your gums are injured or become sensitive due to existing oral health issues. Your dental experts will analyze your oral health to see if gum bleaching is a good idea for you. The best thing here is that there will be no problems in the majority of cases.   

Keep This in Mind Before Making Your



Gingivitis or periodontal disease, for example, should not be present in your gums. Before opting for gum bleaching process, we can screen for these conditions. Compared to the gingiva, which is contaminated with bacteria, healthy gums respond better with minor irritation.  

Treatment may be contraindicated if your gum tissues are fragile, which could expose your root surfaces in some regions. You only need to have a brief assessment to see if your oral architecture is in good enough shape for the treatment and if other solutions are more appropriate.  


Wanting to Achieve That Perfect Smile Through Gum Bleaching in Hells Kitchen?   

There’s nothing to be concerned about if you want your dental health improved. To maintain your smile healthily, our professionals provide high-quality services. Give us a call!