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How Does Gum Bleaching Work?

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One can get self-conscious when it comes to how their gums look. If you are pretty dissatisfied with the color of your gums, then we have the perfect solution for you – gum bleaching in Gramercy Park. 

Gums can be dark and patchy, but they can also look light and fair. Either way, we can help you decide if a gum bleaching treatment is something you should undergo. 

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Gum Bleaching Facts You Should Know

What Causes Dark Gums? 

There are many causes as to why your gums may appear dark. Here are some reasons why your gums might be darker than their usual color. 


Melanin is the pigment naturally produced by the body responsible for the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. The levels of melanin present in a person’s body determine how dark these body parts are. Therefore, having more melanin in your body may be the cause of your dark gums. 

If your gums have always been dark or black, then there is nothing to worry about regarding your gum health. However, if you notice that your gums have changed their color over time, it could be a medical issue. 


Smoking is known to discolor the gums and teeth. In fact, the nicotine present in tobacco produces melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, so if you are a smoker, then your gums are bound to darken over time.  


Some medications can cause your gums to darken, such as those that contain minocycline. 

If you are taking medication that contains minocycline and are concerned with gum discoloration, then maybe you could ask for some alternatives from your doctor. 

Amalgam Tattoo 

Amalgam tattoos can be caused by the metals used in dental fillings and crowns. Although it does not necessarily imply any medical issue, it can cause your gums to be patchy with black, grey, or blue spots. 

What Is Gum Bleaching? 

Gum depigmentation is the clinical term for gum bleaching or gum whitening. It is a dental procedure that focuses on changing the appearance of the gum tissues, specifically the color.  

While it does not necessarily mean that dark gums are unhealthy, some are actually caused by medical issues. This is why people opt for bleaching their gums. 

How Does It Work? 

For your gums to look perfectly natural and healthy, there are two processes in which this can be done: microdermabrasion and laser. Microdermabrasion is the traditional method that involves the application of whitening gel to lighten the gingival color. 

Both methods for gum bleaching are safe and can give you immediate results on the same day. 

How Long Will It Last? 

Each patient must be examined carefully and assessed individually to determine what is needed and if the procedure must continue.  

There are some rare cases where a patient is diagnosed with a disease that might not be compatible with the procedure. 

One session of gum bleaching can last for 20-25 years and can even last a lifetime.  

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Looking to Get Gum Bleaching in Gramercy Park? 

Here at Coliseum Dental, we will give you excellent, if not, the best service in gum bleaching.  

Our dental laser will remove the dark pigmentation of your gums smoothly and painlessly. With little to no discomfort. Call us today.