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BOTOX® – It’s not just for wrinkles


March 8, 2017

BOTOX® – It’s not just for wrinkles |, , ,

Beauty has a high standard in our society. While BOTOX®  is used extensively for just this purpose, there is much more to its use than than just diminishing lines and wrinkles in your face. BOTOX ® can be used to treat excessive perspiration and it also can be a great help as a chronic Migraine treatment due to a condition known as Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).


Today we want to focus on more on TMJ as it is a condition related to teeth grinding. Do you suffer from constant headaches, earaches, jaw or facial pain? These are among the most common symptoms for TMJ disorder, a dental condition often caused by stress.



Unknown to many, BOTOX ® is a muscle-relaxing medication which can offer a relief from TMJ. The injections alleviate TMJ headaches and relieves jaw tension and discomfort for many patients prone to grinding their teeth.  Just a couple of tiny, quick injections and your symptoms will begin to fade. It can even minimize lockjaw. And this not only means relief from sore, tender jaws and migraines, it also means greater protection for your teeth, too; since clenching can lead to dental damage.
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