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Perks of Having Same-day Crowns

3D model of teeth with same-day crowns in Murray Hill
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Same-day crowns in Murray Hill, can be created in less than two hours and are nearly equivalent to conventional crowns. On the other hand, the latter is made off-site in a dental laboratory and may take roughly two weeks to complete. 

computerized image of same-day crowns in Murray Hill

Process and Advantages of Same-Day Crowns 

What Are the Processes Involved?  

Same-day crowns are made in-office using computer technology. The procedure starts immediately after the teeth have been reshaped, prepped, and cleaned. First, the dentist makes a personalized digital impression of your teeth using a computer (known as a CAD/CAM system).  

The impression is then sent to a dental milling device, which is used to cut a crown from a block of ceramic. A tooth can be transformed from being decayed or damaged to totally healed and functional in less than two hours and in just one session. 

What Are the Advantages It Can Offer? 

Beyond the shortened duration, these unique crowns have the following benefits to offer. 

  • Keeps the natural tooth below safe and secure. 

Both conventional and same-day crowns are optimized to safeguard the underlying natural tooth from decay and injury. However, the latter option does not require a temporary crown because same-day crowns are permanent straight away. Also, the tooth is not as well protected by temporary crowns as it is by a permanent one. 

  • Greater comfort 

Same-day crowns enable a more secure fit. As mentioned earlier, they do away with the requirement for temporary crowns. Insertion and removal of temporary crowns can make the treated tooth even more sensitive

computerized image of same-day crowns in Murray Hill
  • Cost-effective 

Even if the price of traditional and same-day crowns is a bit similar, the latter is less expensive in the long run. By placing the permanent crown during the same session, the patient avoids paying for both the temporary crown and the second visit. Additionally, because of their improved fit, these crowns will last for several years compared to conventional ones. 

  • Quicker turnaround 

The days of waiting weeks to receive a new crown are long gone. Traditional crowns require the patient to leave the office with a temporary crown after the initial appointment. Same-day crowns, on the other hand, allow the patient to leave the office with a permanent crown after one appointment. 

  • More natural look 

The sophisticated method that enables same-day crown creation also results in a more realistic-looking crown. Even the tiniest pits and variations in tooth shape can be recorded by the CAD/CAM system. A computerized system enables a tighter fit and a more realistic look and feel. 

As for the conventional crowns, the tooth can only be roughly estimated using a physical impression. It’s not as accurate as when your dentist will use the CAD/CAM system. 

patient about to get same-day crowns in Murray Hill

When Are Same-Day Crowns in Murray Hill Required? 

Same-day dental crowns can be your best choice for a fully restored and functional smile. Our team is also ready to hear and answer any questions you might have. Make an appointment at Coliseum Dental to get your tooth repaired. Call us to restore your teeth in just one short visit!