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Everything You Need to Know About Crowns

getting Cosmetic dentistry Hell’s kitchen
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Dental crowns are vastly important for chewing and smiling. Because we use them daily, crowns have many opportunities to break, crack, and become dislodged. Find out everything you need to know about maintaining them, and what happens when you need cosmetic dentistry in Hell’s Kitchen to replace one or more. 

getting Cosmetic dentistry Hell’s kitchen

What Are Crowns? 

Crowns from your dentist are of porcelain mostly, but can be zirconia, metal, or ceramic. At Coliseum Dental, each crown from us will be fashioned from porcelain. These are as strong as enamel, but will need to be properly maintained as it they were real. 

These are hollow caps that slip over teeth to protect them from any further damage. 

Times When You Need a Dental Crown 

Believe it or not but mouths undergo a lot of daily stress. Anything from mouth breathing to biting a hard object can have an adverse effect on enamel. You will need a dental crown procedure to: 

·      Prevent the spread of tooth decay 

·      Restore your smile aesthetic 

·      Cover and support a cavity plagued tooth 

·      Hold a bridge firmly in place 

·      Cover a misshapen or discolored tooth 

·      Top of an implant 

·      Shelter a root canal 

What to Expect from a Procedure 

Receiving a crown is a very easy appointment. We begin by taking x-rays of the teeth and surrounding bones to see the extent of the damage. If we see underlying concerns, we will treat them before you receive a new crown. We do this to ensure your procedure is successful. 

Next, we’ll grind down the teeth that need a crown. By reshaping it, we can ensure a snuggly fitting crown that doesn’t add additional bulk to your mouth and smile. 

With the impressions in hand, we have the information we need to craft you a new smile. 

Are Same-Day Crowns as Strong as Lab-Made Ones 

The time it takes for you to receive a crown has no impact on its integrity. After all, the time it takes to create is the only real difference. 

What Else Can CEREC® Make? 

While we heavily use CEREC® technology to fabricate crowns in just one visit, it can do much more. If you’re visiting us for a veneer, bridge, or other cosmetic upgrade, we use CEREC® to craft whatever you need in under an hour in most cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Often Do Crowns Break? 

Since porcelain is of roughly the same sturdiness as enamel, replacement caps break at around the same percentage as teeth; not all too often. However, you will need to practice good oral hygiene to keep them lasting as long as possible. 

What Are the Best Ways to Care for My Dental Crowns? 

As a general rule, treat your porcelain replicas as if they were real teeth. This means that you need to: 

·      Sufficiently brush twice a day 

·      Properly floss daily 

·      Never use your mouth as a tool 

While these are great to keep in mind, they aren’t be all end all solutions. You may also want to be mindful of your eating habits. Munching on ice may seem fine on a hot day but ice is hard enough to chip porcelain, the same as it often does with enamel.  

getting Cosmetic dentistry Hell’s kitchen

Are You Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Hell’s Kitchen? 

No matter if you need crowns or teeth whitening, Coliseum Dental can be the place for all of your dental needs. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.