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Why You Should Get Same-Day Crowns

a closer look at same day crowns in Murray Hill
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Damaged teeth can happen to anyone. This is because the teeth need constant care. Frequent visits to the Dentist Murray Hill will allow the patient to care for the teeth more carefully, but sometimes restorations are necessary. In these cases, you might want to try same-day crowns in Murray Hill. 

Same-day crowns are something you could consider a lifesaver whenever you need to go to an event the next day. Events will need your bright smile, and having minor dental problems will affect your performance and confidence. That is where the same-day crowns enter. 

The convenience of having same-day crowns is definitely something you can’t disregard. This treatment is for those who need help in their Dentist Murray Hill care but at the same time don’t want too many procedures done. 

A smiling female patient gets same day crowns in Murray Hill

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are similar to traditional crowns in appearance but differ in the time that they are made. Traditional crowns take several days to finish creating before attaching them but what makes same-day crowns different is that they can be made right away. 

Why You Should Get Them 

Same-day crowns are pretty convenient for many people. They have many benefits that you can consider to solve your oral health predicaments. 

No Need for Temporaries 

Temporary teeth are quite a hassle because they don’t always fit the mouth and could fall off. Same-day crowns will save you the hassle of experiencing that. This is because same-day crowns are made to fit comfortably. 

Restore Teeth Function 

The primary function of the teeth is to help chew food and speech. Both actions are nearly impossible without the teeth because it maintains the mouth’s structure. 

With same-day crowns, you will be able to eat and speak without problems whatsoever. They restore teeth function, preserve your existing teeth, and help prevent any injuries that could affect the surrounding teeth. 


Same-day crowns are cost-effective since they are done in one day while traditional crowns require multiple appointments. 

Same-Day Crowns Drawbacks 

For every procedure, there will always be an advantage and disadvantages. This procedure may have its benefits, but it also gives a few cons regarding the outcome.  

Crowns Are Less Durable 

Its drawback lies in the amount of time taken to make the crowns. They are considered less durable than the traditional crowns made of materials infused with metal and porcelain, which make them stronger. Same-day crowns can last long with proper care, however. 

Hidden Fractures  

Teeth fractures are sometimes undetectable, especially when the fracture extends down toward the gums. Not all of the fractures are seen through. In some scenarios, regular crowns might be advantageous. It’s always best to ask for the Dentist Murray Hill’s opinion. 

A dentist talks about Same Day Crowns in Murray Hill while an elderly male patient listens

Need to Get Same Day Crowns in Murray Hill? 

Now that you know why you should consider getting same-day crowns in Murray Hill, head over to Coliseum Dental for any questions and appointment bookings. We can cater to your needs and questions. We are always ready to help. Call us today!