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Tips to Ensure Your Cosmetic Treatment Will Last

woman after getting Cosmetic dentistry in Hells kitchen
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Many people find their smiles to be unattractive. Cosmetic dentistry services in Hell’s Kitchen can easily improve the look of your smile if you have discolored or damaged teeth. But what if you’ve already gotten a cosmetic treatment and don’t know how to preserve the results? Read on to discover the effective ways to maintain those beautiful teeth.

woman after getting Cosmetic dentistry in Hells kitchen

How to Keep Your Smile After a Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Plan Your Dental Appointments

This cosmetic dentistry aftercare advice is frequently ignored. Dental crowns and veneers will remain pristine if you regularly visit the dentist. Also, tooth decay can be prevented with routine exams.

Food that has become wedged between the veneers and teeth can easily be removed by the dentist. This advice will also protect you against potential gum conditions. In essence, it is the finest advice for maintaining good oral hygiene.  

Do Not Grind Your Teeth

After having cosmetic dental operations, many people frequently grind or clench their teeth. The veneers and crowns are harmed when you do this bad dental habit. Dental crowns degrade with time, and veneers crack over time.  

Furthermore, the sensitivity of the teeth will rise if you grind or clench your teeth. To break this behavior, you must be mindful of your porcelain veneers. Mouthguards are another option. Purchase this dental device to safeguard your teeth and veneers. Your veneers will last longer if you use this aftercare suggestion.  

Eliminate Bad Habits

Aside from teeth grinding and clenching, smoking is a widespread vice that leads to a lot of oral issues. One of them is tooth deterioration, which makes a person’s smile look bad. Dental bridges, veneers, and crowns are all compromised by smoking. In the beginning, gum conditions cause the teeth to become loose, but it will soon result in more serious dental conditions.   

Avoiding alcohol and smoking is a wise cosmetic dentistry aftercare suggestion. It’s also the best advice for keeping your teeth white longer.  

Take Painkillers

Numbness can occasionally develop after receiving cosmetic dental treatments. This is primarily due to the anesthetic techniques employed by cosmetic dentists. Once it wears off, this will undoubtedly make your teeth more sensitive and uncomfortable. You can deal with these problems by using painkillers. The finest medicines for pain relief are analgesics.  

Your gums can become irritated by the dental cement used to make the crowns. The anesthetic gel can be quite beneficial in such circumstances. For your pain medication, a qualified cosmetic dentist is required.    

Don’t Eat Hard Foods

Although veneers, crowns, and other dental treatments are sturdy, hard and crunchy food can damage them. Likewise, chewy foods could chip the porcelain. This aftercare advice will help you avoid paying more for unnecessary dental fixes.  

Stay Away From Highly-Pigmented Food and Beverage

This is a helpful aftercare advice for teeth whitening. Drinks that are highly pigmented may leave stains on your teeth for good. Avoid red wines, club soda, beer, and coffee. Teeth that are discolored will undoubtedly ruin your smile.   

When drinking these beverages, you can use a straw so it won’t directly come in contact with your teeth. This also allows the beverage to pass past the veneers without staining them. Further, after consuming highly pigmented food and beverage, it would be beneficial to rinse your mouth with water.  

chewing gum for Cosmetic dentistry in Hells kitchen

Where Can I Get Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Hell’s Kitchen?

Cosmetic dental procedures can help you have teeth, gums, and a smile that looks better. You can extend and preserve the effects of your cosmetic dental treatments in various ways. It’s just a matter of how you follow these aftercare tips. Schedule an appointment with our dental professionals.