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Sugar Awareness Challenge


January 30, 2018

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The Coliseum Dental Team took the 5 day sugar awareness challenge

January 15th-19th was National Sugar Awareness week and Team Coliseum Dental eliminated sugar from our diets for 5 days. We wanted to become aware of how we’re affected by a substance that is in almost every processed food we eat. Have you ever gone without sugar for that many days before? What happened? How did you feel? Could you omit sugar for even one day? Consuming too much sugar can cause diabetes, high blood pressure & dental damage. We owe it to ourselves to find out how this substance affects our body, mind, emotions – our entire lives.

Completely avoiding sugar 100% is definitely not an easy task, but reducing your consumption even 50% will make a great impact. To be successful requires prioritizing which sugary food or beverage you cannot do without and which ones you can easier avoid.



After the 5 days, we went to each team member and asked how challenge affected them. Every single one mentioned that they felt they had more energy and an easier time staying alert. What helped the most was having a visibly-placed “bad food/beverage poster” to easily remind us what foods we should avoid. The hardest food/beverage to be without were things like lemonade, wine and pastries.

Some other team member comments:

  • “After this challenge, I feel as if this should be a lifestyle rather than just a diet.Cutting sugar positively affected me.”
  • “It made me think twice what to eat and drink.”
  • “It made me want to know what I put in my body.”

Top 5 foods & drinks that were surprisingly high in sugar for the team were:

  • low fat yogurt
  • ketchup or bbq sauce
  • fruit juice
  • Granola
  • flavored coffees

Here is a great article about where sugar hides:

Do you have a problem with sugar? Take the quiz:

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For information how to treat teeth damaged through too much sugar in your diet, please call our office (212) 757. 3183, or email us at info@coliseumdental.com


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