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Dr. Rhonda Kavee

Dr. Rhonda Kavee is a Pediatric Dentist at Coliseum Dental.

With an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Rhonda Kavee received her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree from The University of Pennsylvania.

Her residency in Pediatric Dentistry was completed at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center with a subcategory of pharmacological and non-pharmacological behavioral management and child and adolescent psychology.

For the next 10 years, Dr. Kavee worked as a program and fellowship director at various New York area hospitals for pediatric programs. She also maintained both a private and faculty practice; expanding her experience in academic and applied environments.

Additional training includes surgical, orthodontic, developmental anomalies, laser, trauma, and growth and development treatments. Dr. Kavee’s been board certified for over 20 years and regularly maintains her recertification, continuing education and continued advancements in her Pediatric Dentistry field. She’s worked closely with pediatric anesthesiologists to treat patients under IV sedation and maintains a permit to perform Oral premedication and use N2O where appropriate for patient ages ranging from infancy to 12 years old.