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Children’s Dental Health Month


March 8, 2017

Children’s Dental Health Month |,

February’s month-long national Children’s Dental Health observance  brings together dedicated dental professionals to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their parents and teachers. It is important to maintain good oral health by brushing, flossing and eating healthy.

Coliseum Dental had a great day at a daycare in Chinatown, Manhattan end of February.  Dr. Berger taught kids how to brush their teeth in fun ways and answered some of the following questions from teachers and parents:

How do you teach children how to brush their teeth?
Give your child a toothbrush while holding your own in your hand. The child will start mimicking you and brush along with the parent. I use brushing your teeth videos or an electric toothbrush which plays children songs during brushing. Whenever the song changes the child will learn to switch to brush another area of their teeth. This method works really well for toddlers.

At what age should children see a dentist?
It is recommended that your children see a dentist at the age of 2 or whenever the teeth have finished erupting.

How do you make sure at your dentist office that children are not frightened?
We have some kids toys in the office. And once in the dental chair we show the child all the different equipment in a fun and playful way. We will show on their parent how the equipment will be used for them to see that it is safe.

What does Children’s Dental health mean for you?
Healthy teeth are important to your child’s overall health. From the time your child is born, there are things you can do to promote healthy teeth and prevent cavities. For babies, you should clean teeth with a soft, clean cloth or baby’s toothbrush. Forming good habits at a young age can help your child have healthy teeth for life.




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